“My lab has recently collaborated with omiics on several different RNAseq projects. Their work is of high quality and their service pleasant and swift. Not only do we always get excellent RNAseq results also the bioinformatics follow-up of omiics is impressive and they are always ready to help with questions”

Prof. dr. Jeroen Pasterkamp

Head Of Department of Translational Neuroscience

UMC Utrecht, the Netherlands

”I have had the pleasure of collaborating with omiics on a mRNA sequencing project. Data processing from quality control to pathway analysis was done with great care and biological insight, and the results displayed in figures and tables ready for publication. The entire process was swift and I do not hesitate to take advantage of an omiics service next time we will need help in transcriptomics”

Prof. dr. Anders Nykjær

Director of PROMEO, Medical Biochemistry,

AU, Denmark

omiics provided a reliable next generation sequencing service with extremely fast and complete data analysis tailored for my experimental design needs. I am extremely satisfied and was impressed that the service was delivered ahead of my deadline. I highly recommend their service.”

PhD Cristina Ruedell Reschke

Research Fellow and Honorary lecturer,

RCSI, Ireland


While omiics is a client-based private company, we are happy to partner on funding applications

In 2020, omiics joined an ERC FET Open grant (PRIME) as partner providing high-quality end-to-end RNAseq using Illumina technology. We also became the named industry R&D partner for two Open Discovery Innovation Network (ODIN) projects (BIOMETSCO and MiCO Platform) which utilize nanostring and single-cell approaches, respectively.

Also we are currently the named company partner on multiple larger project applications for commercial products with roots in RNA sequencing technology at the Innovation Foundation, ERC, and ODIN.

Contact us to see if we can partner on your next application.