Alternative Detection - nanoString Technologies

The nanoString nCounter uses a probe-based enzyme-free detection technology. Nanostring does not rely on enzymatic activity for reverse transcription of the RNA but rather on a pre-formatted panel of probes.

At omiics, we can help you design your own probes and nanostring provides reporter and tagset. This makes nanoString more flexible.

nanoString Technology may be an ideal solution if you: 

  • are working with damaged and degraded RNA samples such as FFPE
  • have too many targets for traditional qPCR
  • only want to detect absolute expression of RNA molecules and do not want to take any risk of enzyme bias

NGS Validation with nanoString

Validation of multiple candidate mRNAs/lncRNAs/circRNAs in a large cohort of samples can be done quickly and efficiently using NanoString. nCounter® PlexSet™.

Reagents enable validation of up to 96 mRNA/circRNA targets (12, 24, 48 or 96 targets) across 96 samples in one run. It can be done directly on cell lysate without RNA purification.

The nCounter® PlexSet™ may be an ideal solution if you:

  • do not have time to do RNA purification, reverse transcription and qPCR on many samples
  • want to get the data quickly
  • have more than 10 targets to validate
  • want to do robust validation of NGS data using enzyme free technique


Multiple solutions are available with NGS. We help you choose the optimal process for your samples. 


We have the optimal facilities and trained personnel to prepare your material for sequencing.


We transform your raw data from sequencing to publication-grade figures.

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