Our Core Team:

Susanne T Venø, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

Has 10+ years of research experience in Molecular Biology and ABB Executive Education from IE Business School.

Morten T Venø, PhD

Co-founder, Chief Technical Officer 

Has been working with RNA NGS for 15+ years in Denmark and USA. Morten has broad experience with RNA NGS.

Marni Tausen, PhD

Senior Data Scientist

PhD in bioinformatics, with a BSc in biology. Experience with AI, ML, and advanced at Python, R, Shiny and SQL.

Yan Yan, PhD

Co-founder, Chief Scientific Officer

Has 9+ years of experience working with RNA NGS. Her special expertise is low input samples.

Junyi Su, cand scient

Laboratory Manager

Has 7+ years of experience with RNA NGS. He has optimized and executed some of the most difficult NGS techniques.

Farhad Zamani, MSc student

Student programmer

MSc student in Bioinformatics at Aarhus University. Previous experience in Biomedical Engineering.

Our Advisors:

Jørgen Lindskov Knudsen, Ph.D. 

Business advisor

Longtime business owner and CEO of Mjølner Informatics. Expert in company development from  start-up to a professional company.

Jørgen Kjems, Ph.D.

Scientific Advisor

Professor, former director of iNano at Aarhus University and leading expert in Nanomedicine.

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