tRNA, tiRNA and and tRFs

Precise quantitative tRNA profiling of tRNA expression and modification

Transfer RNAs (tRNAs) are short, abundant transcripts needed for translating messenger RNA into protein. As such, the composition of cellular tRNA pools impact proteome dynamics and integrity. tRNA expression is dynamically regulated in different tissues and during development, and defective tRNA biogenesis is linked to neurological disorders and cancer.

What makes tRNA sequencing challenging?

Classic next generation sequencing has been challenged in measuring cellular tRNA abundance, due to pervasive blocks of cDNA synthesis at modified nucleosides and the extensive similarity among tRNA genes.

Mim-tRNA sequencing overcome these issues and uncover a dramatic heterogenety of tRNA isodecoder pools between human cell lines and also showed there to be a interdependence of modifications within an individual tRNA transcript

High-resolution quantitative profiling of tRNA abundance and modification status in eukaryotes by mim-tRNAseq. A. Behrens et al.

Molecular Cell,  Volume 81, Issue 8, 15 April 2021, Pages 1802-1815.e7

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