Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Technology 

Accessible to EVERYONE

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology offers a tremendous amount of information and  the potential to provide a whole new level of biological insight 

However, for many researchers, the complexity of the method is an insurmountable barrier to getting started and maximizing the value of the resultant data.

In our scientific experience, a lot of valuable information is often lost either because it is never extracted from the data or it is lost in the communication between the bioinformatician and the receiver. At omiics, we ensure this is never the case with your project.

How do we make this happen?

At omiics, we offer a range of services from hourly consultation to a total NGS solution tailored to your needs.

We provide a high level of service. You get the results you need without having to compromise or conform to a standard. At an initial consultation, we will discuss your research and customize the optimal NGS solution to meet your needs.

We provide you with easy and accessible results that are interpretable and publication-ready.

You will not be flooded with an excessive number of tables. We use our critical scientific approach to filter and sort results. We pinpoint correlations in your data and present them to you in figures that clarify trends in a visually logical way.

We discuss your results with you to ensure any questions you

have are answered, so that you are empowered to go foward and confidently choose the next step in your research.

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