At omiics, we specialize in low input samples for RNA NGS.

Because of our impeccable laboratory work and expert customized bioinformatics, you can fully trust the results and focus on the implications of the data.



SMARTer and 10X Genomics approaches for single cell sequencing 



Sequencing of cells isolated using FAC sorting- including low cell count preparations



Extracting and sequencing samples from Formalin Fixed Parafin Embedded (FFPE) Samples



Cell-free samples. Including plasma,  cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), salvia, urine, bile, and more!



 Special example of cell-free samples:  isolating & sequencing exosomes/extracellular vesicles (EV)

Single cell sequencing

To dissect the inherent functionalities of tissue heterogenity, the use of single cell sequencing is rising. 

SMART-seq Single Cell

For an end-to-end single cell sequencing solution, we offer SMART-Seq

One methodology involve the use of SMARTer Stranded Total RNA kit, which combines strandeness and effective removal of ribosomal cDNA on a low number of cell, even single cell, such as FACS cells.

Previous project, were we used the technology: 

10 X Genomics

omiics is experienced with the 10X Genomics technology and offer bioinformatic analysis of resulting data.

Furthermore, we can facilitate access to the necessary equipment for academic research collaborations, however, currently we do not have licence for commercial projects. 

Fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS) Samples

RNA-sequencing on FACS sorted cells allows for characterization of heterogeneous cell function in a tissue sample, which provide the possibility for precision study.

The omiics team has a wealth of experience in working with FACS sorted cells.

We have different kinds NGS solutions for the samples with different input cell numbers, no matter how low the number of cells!

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Cell-free biofluids have enormous diagnostic and clinical potential. The quantity of RNAs in the fluids can be exceptionally low and expert sample preparation is recommended.

Fixed Tissue 

Compared to fresh frozen tissue, the RNA in formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue is highly degraded and chemically modified. But the abundance, availability and rich clinical data make FFPE samples very interesting to investigate.

The omiics team can provide both a NGS solution and nanoString panels designed for FFPE samples.

omiics is experienced with plasma, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), salivia, bile, etc.

            - We have even successfully identified tRNAs in human embryo culture media!

Even cell-free fluids may contain RNA that have been secreted from cells in the local tissue, or transfered from other parts of the body by blood or lymph. 

A shift in RNA patterns can be an early sign of changes in the body and as such has a strong potential as biomarker, both by invasive (CSF, plasma, bile) and  non-invasive testing (saliva, urine, sweat). 

    Biofluid RNA sequencing (RNA-sep)

    Examples from omiics scientists:

    Lassen et al. Basic Res Cardiol 116: 6 (2021) 

    Godskesen, LE. Sci Rep 10, 9537 (2020)                                                                      ...or see more in Publications and Case Studies

    Exosome / Extracellular Vesicles


    The omiics team has extensive expertise with working with exosomes/EVs. Here is our published protocol, together with comments and tips for isolating EVs from cell media and small RNA sequencing of EVs. We are very happy to discuss your project and share our experience with you

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