In 2008, Morten Venø started his PhD in the RNA biology laboratory directed by Professor Jørgen Kjems. This was around the same time that the Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technique began to emerge in RNA research.

The technique involves a laboratory part where one isolates and modifies the molecule RNA from samples of interest to generate sequencing libraries. The sequencing libraries are then sequenced, which generates a very large amount of data.

At this point in time, bioinformatics analysis of RNA NGS data was at its infancy and Morten, who has always had a keen interest in computers and programming, ended up focusing on establishing bioinformatic pipelines to pull out interesting information from the raw data.

For 10 years he worked with multiple international collaborations as the NGS expert in the Kjems laboratory.


In the Kjems laboratory, Morten met the Chinese exchange student Yan Yan, who came to Denmark to do her PhD in 2013. Morten became a daily supervisor for Yan Yan and she quickly became his right (laboratory) hand.


Over time, papers were published and it became well known that the Jørgen Kjems Laboratory was well-established in NGS technology. Therefore, he was often contacted by people who wanted to venture into NGS or had tried the technique and were stuck. Either in the laboratory part, which is complex and relatively expensive, or from people who had the sequencing done and realized that making sense of the raw data required a specialist. The NGS team, Morten and Yan, have therefore been involved in multiple collaborations and study types during their time with Jørgen Kjems.

Through their work with Jørgen Kjems, Morten and Yan experienced a general demand for NGS as a commercial service. This resulted in the two of them together founding omiics in 2018.


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