TEAM omiics

Morten T Venø, PhD

Co-founder, CEO, Bioinformatician

Has been working with RNA NGS for 10 years in Denmark and USA. Morten has broad experience with RNA NGS.

Susanne T Venø, PhD

Business Development Manager 

Has 10 years experience with scientific project managing across 3 disciplines of science.

Dr. Michael Lappe, PhD

Chief Technology Innovation Officer (CTIO) 

20+ years of experience with bioinformatics from both academia and industry 

Yan Yan, PhD

Co-founder, Chief Scientific Officer (CSO)

Has 6 years of experience working with RNA NGS. Her special expertise is low input samples.

Junyi Su, cand scient

Laboratory manager

Has 5 years of experience with RNA NGS. He has optimized and executed some of the most difficult NGS techniques.

Beatriz Tomé, PhD

Research Scientist

Experience using NGS to study patterns and factors shaping host-parasite relationships. 


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