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RNA NGS service provider with a focus on customer needs. We provide flexible knowledge based answers to your RNA quantification needs.

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Our philosophy


We specialize in NGS based transcriptomics. Our aim is to deliver flexible products that are tailored to our customer's needs.


Our team has many years of experience with all aspects of NGS for RNA profiling. Originating from a world-class RNA lab, under Professor Jørgen Kjems at the Aarhus University, Denmark, we have a background deeply rooted in science. We are scientists dedicated to the techniques we love.

As a company we stick to what we are good at; and we know RNA! So all our services are centered around investigating RNA molecules using various Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) approaches.

microRNA sequencing


Precise quantification of microRNA (miRNA) in most samples types imaginable.


For several years now, miRNA has been known to be a vital control mechanism. Each miRNA can control hundreds of messenger RNAs (mRNA), and a mRNA is most often under the control of several miRNAs, resulting in a finely balanced, intricate network of control. In disease states and during developmental processes, the network or miRNAs is often affected. Gaining insight into the miRNA expression signature in cells/tissue/fluid of interest can have great impact on biomarker discovery, detection of treatment targets, insight into mechanisms involved and much more.

Quantification of miRNA content in your samples of interest can be extended by examining the targets of miRNAs by also sequencing mRNA or revealing direct target locations with Ago iCLIP.

Our standard miRNA-seq package includes filtering and quality control of the data, quantification of miRNA present and differential expression analysis. We are also happy to provide extended bioinformatics, tailored to the needs of our customers.

Sequencing of total RNA content


Open up the biology of your samples by exploring the transcriptome in great detail.


Our best selling product is the complete quantification of long RNAs in customer samples. This includes mRNA and long noncoding RNA species. Our standard total RNA-seq package includes differential expression analysis and publication grade plotting of results.



When doing total RNA sequencing a vast array of bioinformatics options are open to you. We are happy to provide extended bioinformatics analysis to answer the questions you might have for your samples.

Possible extended analysis to be made include quantification of circular RNA (circRNA) content, alternative splicing estimation or pathway analysis to bring your data into the correct biological context.

Low input samples


Trust us with your precious samples. Years of challenging RNA NGS projects have have enabled us to handle a large variety of special samples.


We specialize in sequencing of difficult samples. Often samples with low RNA content are the most precious, so why not let us unfold the potential of your precious samples by performing miRNA or total RNA sequencing? Low input samples include plasma, exosome purification, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), laser microdissected tissue and more.

After an initial discussion, we will make a plan for sequencing and analysis of your samples with special emphasis on the questions you want answered. Let us handle RNA purification, sequencing and bioinformatics, and you will receive hypnosis driving observations, publication-grade figures, or clinically relevant biomarkers.

Applications and research consortia


Let us be the NGS extension of your lab for your next funding application.


We are experienced writing grant applications and working within research consortia. Please consider us when writing your next application. We are happy to provide assistance with writing NGS related sections - free of charge. We can be a valuable addition to research consortia, big or small, and fulfill the NGS related RNA tasks needed. We are happy to take part as a full partner or as NGS service provider to the consortia.



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