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RNA NGS service provider with a focus on customer needs. We provide flexible knowledge based answers to your RNA quantification needs.

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The complete RNA NGS solution


Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) has been established as a powerful technique to identify even very subtle differences between samples. In this way, you can identify "the needle in the haystack"-gene(s) by a single experiment.


OMIICS offers the complete NGS service from sample to figure performed by a highly experienced scientists

Welcome to OMIICS

Specialized scientists with years of experience in NGS based transcriptomics.


We offer our expertise in NGS transcriptomics at the level you may require. Let us handle everything from library preparation and QC to bioinformatics analysis or get our assistance with specific aspects of your NGS project.


Our Services


RNA based NGS projects


We provide a wide range of RNA centered NGS experiments, giving our customer easy access to cutting edge NGS and bioinformatics analysis.

Some of the things we offer:


  • Quantification of microRNA.
  • Quantification of mRNA and other long RNAs.
  • Sequencing of low input samples.
  • Flexible bioinformatics analysis.
  • Assistance writing funding applications.
  • Other related research topics, just contact us for a discussion of what is possible.

Complete sequencing projects


OMIICS offers a complete RNA NGS service package. We assist you in choosing the optimal NGS approach for your samples and handle all steps in the NGS process, to finally provide you with the analyzed data


Extended involvement


At OMIICS we are happy to go the extra mile for our customers.

Have a talk with us if you need extended or non-standard bioinformatics, sample handling or other special requests.


Partial assistance


Should you only need OMIICS for part of your NGS project, we are happy to fulfill the specific step you need.


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